ParkingHQ SeasonParking – Frequent Parking made easy and efficient

Season parking tickets offer highest convenience for those of your customers who frequently go in and out of your (office) car-parks for a sustainable period of time. However, obtaining such a ticket in the past was an inconvenient burden, hindering widespread success. Furthermore, administration of contracts,  parking card production and invoicing/billing was a labour-intensive, costly process. Now, thanks to ilogs and ParkingHQ SeasonParking, season tickets can be easily booked online, and your back office, administrative workflows are optimized, automated and yet more flexible. And so is your invoicing/billing process. Pure convenience. Pure efficiency. You like it, your frequent parking customers like it.


  • Utilize SeasonParking as an additional sales channels
  • Offer an easy to use and highly convenient booking process to your private and corporate frequent parkers
  • Provide flexible means of registering an individual identification medium, depending on your CPMS configuration
  • Produce less physical season parking cards, save costs
  • Optimize your cash flow by designing and applying your individual ticket rates and payment conditions
  • Automate your contract handling and maintenance process
  • Choose and easily integrate your preferred payment service provider
  • Always be in control of your entire invoicing/billing process, even up to your financial accounting system
  • Centrally manage your SeasonParker business of all your car-parks from a single and secure web portal
  • Get to know your registered customers and perform targeted marketing communication
  • Increase your revenues
  • Enjoy loyal and satisfied parking customers
  • Frequent parking without hassle of paying every time
  • Easy booking of season ticket via Smartphone or Internet
  • Selection of favourable, individual identification media
  • Flexible invoicing/billing options
  • User registration and self-service portal
MAIN FUNCTIONALITYModule configuration requirements
  • Easy to use booking application for season tickets
  • Intelligent booking workflow and intuitive user guidance
  • Microsite easily integrated in any website
  • Central administration of all season parking details via single, secure web portal
  • Acceptance of individual, personal identification media, depending on CPMS configuration
  • Secure, double-opt in registration process
  • Self-service portal
  • Flexible invoicing/billing procedure
  • Automated back office, card production and invoicing/billing workflow
  • App & Web: is required, configuration based on individual Smartphone and Internet requirements
  • Back Office: Module Connect is required, configuration based on CPMS
  • Back Office: Module Payment is required, configuration based on Payment Provider
  • Back Office: Module Content  & Adminis-tration is optional
  • Back Office: Module Marketing is optional, depending on individual Campaign Management requirements
  • Back Office: Module Business Workflow is required, configuration based on individual process requirements

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