ParkingHQ Connect – Simply exchange information

Today’s business would not be possible without exchanging information and data by interfacing different IT-systems and databases. Within and outside your parking business, automated flow of data is critical for your success. Staying in control of these data interfacing workflows can be overwhelming and costly. Thanks to ilogs, ParkingHQ Connect features sophisticated interfaces to connect your eCommerce business to your back office, your customer support and customer service, your CPMS and car-parks. It provides a defacto standard of EAI (Enterprise Application Integration) to the parking market. That enables you to always stay in control and deliver top quality eCommerce products to your parking customers and business partners.


  • Obtain real-time information from your car-parks
  • Update car-park occupancy in real time in your App and on your Web
  • Get reporting information from your car-parks
  • Provide SeasonParking information to your CPMS for contract activation or season ticket production
  • Provide PreBooking data to your CPMS to activate reservations
  • Send payment details to your financial accounting system for invoicing/billing
  • Obtain graphics and text from your website-content management to feed your Smartphone App
  • Get reporting information from various data-sources
  • Obtain customer profile information for your marketing campaign management or CRM system
  • Send car-park information to your call center or customer support application
  • Obtain credit card status from your payment service provider


MAIN FUNCTIONALITYModule configuration requirements
  • Designa PM Abacus Interface
  • Skidata SWEB, DTA, REMCO Interface
  • Scheidt & Bachmann generic Excel interface
  • Designa PM100 generic Excel interface
  • Siemens Telephony interface
  • Commend Telephony interface
  • Aastra Telephony interface
  • Mesonic WINLine FiBu interfaces
  • SAP interfaces
  • Payment Service Provider interfaces
  • Excel Import/Export Interface
  • Interpretation and normalization of different interface languages
  • Real-time WebServices
  • FTP File transfer
  • SQL-querys
  • Proprietary system-messaging
  • Log-file parsing
  • All interface connections via secure VPN
  • App & Web: is required
  • Back Office: Module Business Workflow is optional
  • BackOffice: Module Content & Administration is optional
  • BackOffice: Module Payment is optional
  • Back Office: Reporting is optional

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