ParkingHQ App & Web – Parking just a mouse click or a finger tap away

Bring every single parking slot to your Smartphone App and your Internet Website. Thanks to ilogs, your static car-park information (e.g. CI, logos, pictures, key-visuals, floor plans, etc.) is instantly available online. Furthermore, Smartphone and Internet users get dynamic information like occupancy-levels of all your car-parks. (Availability of eCommerce modules like PreBooking and SeasonParking depends on ParkingHQ Suite module setup). And you don’t need to maintain your App and Web separately. All your content details are configured once and appear simultaneously in your App & on your Web. If you already have a Smartphone App up and running, content can be easily integrated.


  • Configure your relevant static car-park information once and have them appear in your App & on your Web
  • See occupancy-levels of all your car-parks online
  • Centrally maintain all your car-park information (description, location, features, extras, tariffs, etc.) in a single place, via a single and secure administration portal
  • Configure your mobile and online payment options and have them appear in your App & on your Website
  • Utilize In-App and online advertising for targeted marketing communication
  • Be perceived as modern and innovative
  • Offer car-park information (static and dynamic) to your B2B customers and partners
  • Extend your business by bringing your parking business to co-branded Apps & Webportals
  • Receive detailed reporting on all your online business, independent from App or Web usage
  • See available parking space
  • Internet and Smartphone usage
  • Self – service
    (reservation, cancellation, scheduling, user profile)
  • Additional services (favorites, carfinder, newsletter)
  • Direct exit without use of the pay station
MAIN FUNCTIONALITYModule configuration requirements
  • Smartphone App (iOS and Android), HTML microsites
  • Car-park online occupancy levels in nearly real-time, depending on your CPMS configuration
  • Car-park static information can be imported to internal content database and is simultaneously available for App & Web usage
  • Central maintenance of content details via single, secure web portal
  • HTML microsites designed for seamless integration in any website or portal
  • App features available for integration in any 3rd party Smartphone App
  • Prepared to seamlessly integrate ParkingHQ Suite eCommerce applications like PreBooking or SeasonParking
  • All mobile and online payment transactions based on secure encryption
  • Back Office: Module Connect is required, configuration based on CPMS
  • Back Office: Module Payment is optional
  • Back Office: Module Marketing is optional, depending on individual online advertising requirements
  • Back Office: Module Reportig is optional, depending on reporting requirements
  • eCommerce: applications are optional, depending on online parking product strategy

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