MOMENT is a mobile platform to monitor and supervise your company's vehicle fleet and field services. Therefore it encompasses typical fleet management and mobile workforce features like vehicle tracking, time recording, data logging and acquisition, delivery notes, resource planning, disposition and schedules, which can be managed in real time.
The system is composed of modules and can be used for different solutions and different businesses.

With MOMENT orders and other data can be pushed to mobile clients. Each transmitted order can be enhanced with additional information like time limits, cost units, material, etc.

The benefits of MOMENT are:

  • mapping of workflows on mobile devices
  • time recording
  • on site data recording and signings of orders
  • GPS tracking with smartphones and tracking devices (installed in vehicles)
  • task management, planning and scheduling
  • complete integration with GIS
  • push of orders (immediate transmition)

The combined use of MOMENT telematics and MOMENT field force gives you the opportunity for efficient order handling and order planning. The implementation in your company’s infrastructure is uncomplicated and can be easily adopted





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